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Computing with Affective Lexicons Computational Linguistics. Also, when they looked for linguistic features that correlated to clicking at a statistiy snificant level, they found the women’s reports of clicking correlated with women are more likely to report a feeling of connection if the conversation centers on the woman (detected by her using words like “I”, “me”, “mine”, and him using words like “you”, and “yours”.) And the more questions a woman asks on a date, the lower the probability that she’s “clicked” : We found that questions were used by women to keep a lagging conversation going [...] By contrast, successful dates were associated with coherent outputs of narratives from the two partners, with long runs of hh-energy, shared stories and few questions. Feb 2, 2016. Computing with Affective Lexicons Dan Jurafsky NLP Meetup Jan 21. stance in conversation • Speed dating study, 1000 4-‐minute speed.

Dan Jurafsky - the Language of Food on Vimeo Relatedly, a woman is more likely to think she and her date have clicked if he’s interrupted her more. Dec 19, 2014. Keynote by Dan Jurafsky at the LISTEN Conference in San. Dan wrapped it up with a look at the language of menus and speed dating.

Stanford research on speed dating examines what makes But researchers also found that the men on these dates weren’t interrupting to say, “Hey I have an idea, let’s talk about me! New Stanford research on speed dating examines what makes couples. and Dan Jurafsky that looks at how meaningful bonds are formed.

What Do People Say on a Good First Date? - Priceonomics ” Instead, the interruptions functioned “as a means of alnment and shared understanding.” A woman starts talking about a concert she went to, her date interrupts to say that he loves that band. May 22, 2015. p 0.05; Rosie Cima, Priceonomics; Data Jurafsky, McFarland, Rawlings. They held free speed dating events for graduate students.

Extracting Social Meaning Identifying Interactional Style in Spoken. A woman starts explaining her feelings on something, her date interrupts to acknowledge that he’s paying attention. Jurafsky@. in a speed-dating conversation is judged by the in- terlocutor as friendly. based on three speed-dating sessions run at an elite. 638.

Dan Jurafsky - Home Page - Stanford University Lost in Translation The funniest thing is about the analysis is how little translates between genders. Home Page for Dan Jurafsky at Stanford University.

Speed Dating Study Yields Conversation Keys - Scientific Romantic attraction is one of the bgest mysteries of the human condition: What makes a person feel “connected” to another person? Several different segments of society have taken several different approaches to this question. A study analyzed nearly 1000 speed dates and their aftermaths to find out what conversational cues work best for people to click. Amy Kraft.

Making the Connection Social Bonding in Courtship Dating sites try to use b data to help you find the took a novel approach. Daniel A. McFarland and Dan Jurafsky. Stanford University. 2,000 reports of inter- personal connection in speed-dating encounters using acoustic, transcript.

Making the Connection Social Bonding in Courtship Situations They held free speed dating events for graduate students. Connection in speed dating encounters using acoustic, transcript, and survey. database of conversations ed the Switchboard corpus Jurafsky et al 1997;.

Karen Huang, Mike Yeomans, Alison Wood Brooks, Julia Minson. The researchers ed this database the From the transcripts and audio recordings in the corpus, they attempted to extract which linguistic features best correlated with “clicking.” Then they went back into the corpus and did their best to interpret the correlations based on actual utterances. P =.001; Cohen's d = 0.27. Study 3. Do question-askers do better when speed-dating? • N = 110 men and women, each went on 15-19 speed dates Jurafsky.

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