Speed dating strategies

STUDIO SHORT 'SPEED DATING' FOR CONCEPTUAL. They can use any reliable news source, but are hy encouraged to use The New York Times. Feb 21, 2017. The speed dating activity reflects this in addition to encouraging. mration and working strategies border mrants employ on a daily basis.

Tips For Speed Dating - AskMen Students write a brief summary of the article and describe the topics in the article that are relevant to topics that have been covered in class. Jul 4, 2011. For all of these reasons, speed dating is the answer. By thinking just a little about your strategy, you're already ahead of the game, because I.

Current Events Speed Dating The New York Times in Education Students bring to class a copy of the article and the written assnment and come prepared to present the article to their peers in a “speed dating” format. The New York Times is used in an assnment ed Current Events Speed Dating. The purpose of this assnment is to 1 expose students to current events in.

Speed dating strategies:

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